We teach others how to do Notices and Affidavits. We teach the constitution and standing for your Rights as One of the People.
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Newsletter August 2022

Hello everyone, We have been asked if we had a newsletter? Well after being asked a few times I sat down to write one. So I will try to get out a newsletter once a month to all of you, hope you like it. Hope this finds you all well. We are winning just know that. We are still fighting to save what ever God tells us to do. Enjoy the newsletter.

News Letter August 2022
Hello Everyone, The Affidavit Mommas have been asked to put out a newsletter. So, we will try to get this out to you once a month. We have been busy doing many things in out State of Arizona. We have spent months working in out Legislative Districts Meeting, School Board Meeting and going to events to meet the candidates that ran for the primary election here in Arizona. We have been going to events and still learning and teaching everyone that we have been able to talk to. We gave our candidates running for the primaries Notices and Affidavits so they will know what they will get when they get into office. We have written new notices and affidavit that we think will be needed in the upcoming month. We have many notices and affidavits that we can send if you have a need for them. Or if you would like to join us in fixing our school boards, 5G, and our government servants. We will be at different events for this month as well as doing Town Hall Zooms with the candidates that are running for school boards in our area.
I will post the different events that you can find us at as well as all of our links to our website, email, Rumble, YouTube, Locals, and Truth Social. We also started a PMA (Private Membership Association) that you are welcome to join. We are hoping to add ways to buy from other business. You can find the PMA information on our website. We hope that we will see you if you live here in Arizona and if not reach out to us on email. We have done US Constitution Classes that you will find on our channels. We are doing State Constitution classes that you can join if you would like email us for the information. We are always here to help you and to see what we can do for you. Thank you, The Affidavit Mommas
Website: Locals:
Email: affidavitmo[email protected] Truth Social: @affidavitmommas2021

Upcoming Events: Classes for State and Bible Study
Desert Breeze Church Phoenix 8-8-22 Bible Study Class Part 3 Romans 8-11-22
Amped Coffee Shop Anthem 8-15-22 State Constitution Classes Part 6, 8-18-22
Small Town Coffee Shop 8-24-22 Bible Study Class Part 4 Romans 8-25-22
Amped Coffee Shop 8-29-22 State Constitution Classes Part 7, 9-1-22

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Notice to Schools by Maladministration

Hello Everyone, Here is another video very short that shows you how to find this new Notice and a few others. We all know what is coming and we have to get ready for it. This video:
Helps you with Schools. I have only Arizona but we are working hard to get them ready for all the States in America. We also have them for Colleges as well. Go to our website:
Or email us at [email protected]
We are here to help you and we are working very hard to get these out to every State. But let us know if something happens before we do.

How to tell a business your not going to wear a mask.

Hello Everyone, I have a new video for you to watch it is short. We are giving you the information you need to go into a business without a mask. ADA Regulations.
We only have these ready for Arizona right now but hope to have them for every state in America. Feel free if you know how to fix them for your state to take the information and do so. You can find the documents on our website:
Or send us an email and we will get them out to you: [email protected]
If you have any question reach out to us we will do our best to work hard for you. Let us know if you need help with other things.

Locatins for Meeting

Eastside meeting location is 2501 N. 44th St. Phoenix AZ 85008 IHop restaurant. If you would like to buy your food we meet at 6:30 p.m. and Start the meeting at 7:00 p.m. We meet 1 time a month in this location. We also bring in People to speak and those running for an office in 2024
Next meeting Dates:
September 18th
October 23rd
November 20th
December 18th

The Westside meeting location is 4201 W. Bell Rd. Phoenix AZ 85053 IHop restaurant.
If you would like to buy food we meet at 6:30 p.m. Start the meeting at 7:00 p.m. We meet 2 times a month in this location. We also bring in People to speak and those running for office in 2024
September 19th next meeting
October 3rd and 17th
November 7th and 21
December 5th and 19th

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