We teach others how to do Notices and Affidavits. We teach the constitution and standing for your Rights as One of the People.
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Hello everyone, I hope this message finds you all well?
I just wanted to get this out to you to day to let you know that The Affidavit Mommas along with Josh Barnett running for US Congress of Arizona, we are starting a new Zoom Webinar. It will cover Notices and Affidavits as well as the State Constitutions, how they can be used what you can do with them to take your Power back. We would love to have all of you join us. We are asking for you to pay for the 10 classes that we are doing for now, $50.00 for 10 classes $25.00 will go to Josh Barnett's campaign and $25.00 to The Affidavit Mommas. The classes start tonight they will be every other week on Thursday nights from 6-8 p.m. If you pay for the classes but can not make it on at these times we will record them and send you a link via email, so make sure we have that link for you to get the videos. I will post the links below.$affidavitmommas2021

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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Links to Bill of Rights Videos on YouTube

Here you go I will put the links in order for you and I have a few to still add.

YouTube Links:

Rumble Video Links for you

here are the Rumbel links for you if you would like to watch them. I will put them in order. I have a few more to add but will get them up soon.

We're Back LOL

Hello Everyone, Sorry for the long time away from all of you. There has been so much going on. Even though you might not have see us posting we have been very busy. Still dealing with DCS/CPS cases all over America. The Voting Problems here in Arizona. We have been busy with hand counts and other State Elections. We are working on dealing with the 2020, 2022 Elections as well. We also had to take some time off for family things. We hope you all have a very good Christmas and a Happy New Year and that you all are well. I have posted some new videos for all of you and these are on the Bills of Rights in Arizona. All of you can still watch them because it will help you with yours as well. I will post them all here for you so that you can watch them as you would like.

You can always reach out to us if you need anything or go to the website. I will be updating that with new Notices and Affidavits.


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